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Our Story

Every tall tale starts with a great drink. The taller the tale the greater the drink. For this story, fill your glass with a spirit from Texas Tail Distillery, sit back and enjoy. 


The tale begins in 2007, in the backwoods of the Lone Star State during a field party in north Texas. Two men met for the first time and began to realize they shared a passion for good spirits and the great outdoors. Whether chasing Whitetail on opening day of deer season or following the birds out on the bay with their friends, they knew that chasing those dreams would taste better with a hand-crafted product made in Texas for Texans. The two decided they could easily create an original tasting craft beer; however spirits being their favorite - they knew beer just wasn't enough.


With the experience of hand-crafting beer and the know-how of making a good party last, the men started their chase to produce the best Spirits in Texas. Three short years later after finding the perfect combination of wheat and corn, the men realized what they could give their friends was more than the status quo for Texas spirits; Texas Tail Distillery was born. They were setting the standard. From the fertile fields of the Panhandle to the bays of the Gulf Coast, to the desert lands out west and the lush lands of East Texas, these men located only the freshest and purest ingredients for their product. Chasing their dream was becoming a reality by producing the Lone Star State's finest Texas Spirits.

Fast forward to today. They not only want to give back to the beautiful land that blessed them but to the supporting community of Texans as well. Just like in 1836, when Texas won its independence from Mexico by chasing a dream, they chased theirs. We believe that true Texans never stop chasing the dream of making a better tomorrow with the deeds we do today.


Never stop chasing is more than a tagline. It's the one piece of advice that we believe sets us apart from all the rest. We chased a dream that originated in Alvin, Texas - to make smooth, local Texas Spirits that people can enjoy, no matter what drives them. Whether you're chasing a good time, an adventure or a dream that only you know about - you can always rest assured that there's a company that understands you. So chase your own dreams - when you need a break, or a quiet time to reflect on those dreams, find a responsible way to enjoy a few sips of our dream.

We'll never be the biggest Texas distillery on the block. We'll never run a Super Bowl ad. And chances are, you won't find our products being swilled by A-listers at fancy events in Hollywood. We are, however, committed to making the very best hand-crafted Texas spirits we know how. With a smooth flavor, pure ingredients, and a little bit of Texas in every pour, we'll always work hard to give our customers just what they deserve. Are we there yet? We're not sure, but one thing we know for sure - we'll never stop chasing.

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